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Product Order

Product Order:

Welcome to order our new energy charging series products. Our company is a first-line manufacturer of power in production, supply and marketing. We eliminate intermediaries and maximize the benefit of customers. You can click to visit the Chuangcai Alibaba store or copy the website for ordering details visit!

Customized service

Customized Service:

Our company has a professional team of development and design engineers to undertake OEM, OBM, ODM, CMT and other external processing services, and provide 13% VAT invoices. Customers who need customization should prepare all the information. Telephone: +8615257480003 (Mr. Hu), timely communicate and negotiate the cooperative customization development.

After-sale service

After-sale Service:

Our company provides customers with 7 * 24 technical service support, which can help you solve the technical obstacles in the charging operation process as quickly as possible. We can provide remote question answering and on-site technical support. Our high-speed response mechanism can diagnose and resolve software problems within 6 hours, and quickly respond to hardware failures within 24 hours.

For the repair of the charging pile equipment within the warranty period, please send the failed charging pile equipment together with the detailed fault description to our maintenance station as soon as possible after the charging pile equipment fails, so as to timely diagnose and provide warranty services. However, you need to bear the one-way freight of the equipment to the maintenance station, as well as the accident risks encountered by the equipment during transportation. Our maintenance station will send it to you free of charge after the repair is completed; The warranty of other related products shall be implemented according to the detailed rules in the warranty card. If there is any other situation, please contact us for consultation.

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