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Wall-mounted charging pile

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11KW charging pile

Product Features:

  • Installation mode: vertical pile type/wall mounted type
  • Maximum power: 11KW
  • Communication interface: GPRS/WIFI (optional) extensible RS465
  • Outdoor protection: IP65
  • Safety specifications: comply with the latest IEC61851 and IEC62196 standards and the latest GB/T 18487 and GB/T 20234 standards
  • Operating temperature: ambient temperature - 30 ℃ to 50 ℃

Product Details:

Function introduction of wall mounted charging pile

Charging pile installation accessories


Product parameter details

Output type
GB/T 18487-2015 Mode 3
11KW: 220V AC@16A


Basic skills
Startup mode: plug and charge, RFID card swiping
Reminder function: charging indication, fault indication
Self test function: fault self location
Human computer interaction: OLED display (optional)
Power switching: (10A 13A 16A 25A 32A), fixed time charging


Double leakage detection and protection
Double lightning protection (professional lightning protector+lightning protection circuit)
Emergency stop button protection
Over current, over voltage, under voltage and over temperature protection
Power off data record
Surge protection complies with the latest IEC 61851&GB/T 18487 standards
EMC complies with the latest IEC 61851&GB/T 18487 standards

Product selection and standard wiring
power Rated current and voltage Cable Specifications
11KW 16A 250V 5*2.5mm2 +0.75mm2 Three phase electricity
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