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New energy charging gun can be used in outdoor rain environment


Current mainstream charging methods for new energy vehicles: special fast charging pile, DC charging pile, household charging pile and portable charging gun. As professional charging posts are not popular enough, new energy vehicles in remote areas will run out of power, which will be very troublesome. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a portable charging gun. Our company has launched a new energy charging gun: this safe charging gun has reliable quality, beautiful design, safety and speed. Adopt copper silver plating process, high current, fire retardant; Pure copper gauge wire core, temperature control. Built in leakage protection, temperature protection, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, undervoltage protection, lightning protection and other multiple measures to ensure the safety of new energy vehicle charging. And the control box is high, durable and safe.

The charging gun adopts an intelligent "dual temperature control combination". The controller and plug are equipped with a temperature monitoring function, which monitors the temperature of the controller and plug in real time throughout the process. If the temperature is too high, the charging will be disconnected, and the charging will resume automatically when the temperature is normal. No need to worry about overheating when charging. The charging gun supports anti-theft function. The gun body will automatically lock the charging gun head to avoid loss. Support IP55 protection level, control box support IP66 protection level, no fear of wind and rain outdoor environment. The charging gun is almost a necessary spare part for new energy vehicles!

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